Continuous Deployment with Gradle and Docker – Part 3

This is the third part in our series about our deployment of a JVM and AngularJS based application using Gradle as build tool and Docker as deployment vehicle. You’ll find the overview on all posts in the introductury post. As seen in the overview, our next step in the deployment pipeline performs so called e2e tests. The common Gradle project setup has already been described in part 2, so we can start with the Gradle script for the e2e test submodule.


Running Multiple Local Tomcats with Cargo and Gradle

We are currently using Cargo in combination with Gradle to implement consumer based tests for one of our projects. In order to do so, we created a Gradle script to deploy a service web app into a Tomcat container via Cargo and pass its URL to our consumer test suite. As long as we run the build script locally, everything works fine. But we noticed that it failed every once in a while when running on certain build agents in our TeamCity build pipeline.


TeamCity Performance Tuning

TeamCity Performance Tuning Kurzinfo zu den Ergebnissen aus unserer Analyse und zur neuen Systemarchitektur Continuous Integration (CI) Server und ihre angeschlossenen Systeme bilden oft den Kern von Softwareproduktionsumgebungen. Die Steuerung der Buildprozesse, die Prüfung der Checkins, Start und Auswertung der Testverfahren zählen zu den wichtigsten Aufgaben. Mit JetBrains TeamCity als CI-Server hatte sich folgende Struktur in unserer Entwicklungsabteilung etabliert. Mit der ständigen Zunahme an Projekten und Aufgaben die der CI-Server übernahm, sank auch systematisch seine Performance.


Developing with TeamCity 7.1: from remote run to feature branches - Pavel Sher and Dmitry Neverov at Hypoport on Feb 18th

Gemeinsam mit der Java Usergroup Berlin-Brandenburg präsentieren wir am 18. Februar den Vortrag von Pavel Sher und Dmitry Neverov Developing with TeamCity 7.1: from remote run to feature branches. Einlaß und Zeit für Networking startet ab 18:30 Uhr. Der Vortrag beginnt um 19:00 Uhr. Abstract Continuous integration tools play important role in software development these days. In an ideal world every commit in version control system must be checked by running a build on it, builds must be fast and broken builds must be fixed quickly.

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