JavaScript Forensics by Todd Gardner at Hypoport (Sep. 24th !!!)

Todd Gardner of TrackJS will be at Hypoport THIS Thursday Sep. 24th. Abstract Something terrible happened here. Traces of errors litter the floor; memory leaking from cracks in the ceiling. Someone lost their object context in the corner. Everything reeks of jank. In this session, a JavaScript error tracking expert breaks down a series of common and complex crimes against web applications. You’ll leave the session armed with techniques and tools to detect, diagnose, and fix your JavaScript web applications.

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Passing Functions to AngularJS Directives

I recently built a custom directive that needed to call a function in its parent scope and pass some interal variables back as arguments. To be more specific: an editable label – a simple text that turns into an input field when it’s clicked and turns back into plain text, when the focus leaves the input field. On top of that, I needed it to invoke a callback function, if – and only if – the value of the input field has actually been changed.


How to cause IE 8 to redraw pseudo elements on class change

Yesterday I spent the entire day trying to narrow down a nasty CSS bug that only surfaced in Internet Explorer 8. Everyones favourite browser didn’t redraw a pseudo element created via :before when its style got changed by adding or removing a class via JavaScript. It was a custom checkbox element with a JavaScript click handler that simply toggled a class on every click. Getting to the bottom of it Here is a jsFiddle with a trimmed down version of said checkbox.


Lokaler NPM-Registry Mirror mit regelmäßiger Synchronisation

Im Rahmen der Entwicklung eines unserer Frontends verwenden wir node.js. Node.js erlaubt Paketmanagement mit Hilfe des Node Package Managers (NPM), der ähnlich wie Maven eine global verfügbare Registry verwendet. Einrichten einer lokalen NPM-Registry Die NPM-Registry wird auf einem nicht immer stabil erreichbarem Host bereitgestellt. Um die Latenz beim Abruf der aktuellen Paketinformationen zu vermeiden und um Downtimes möglichst gut kompensieren zu können, kann man einen Mirror der NPM-Registry im lokalen Netz bereitstellen.