Blue/Green Deployment with Docker InfraKit

We’re a big fan of everything related to continuous deployment. There’s one aspect to tackle when continuously delivering new releases to our clients: we don’t want their connections to break during a deployment, because they might just be in the process of editing a form - with their customers sitting right beside them. Instead of the increased risk to have an unavailable backend, we want our clients to not even notice any change.


Continuous Deployment with Gradle and Docker - Production Deploy

This is the final part of the article series about our continuous deployment pipeline. The previous articles showed you how we build and publish our Spring Boot based application, perform AngularJS end-to-end tests with Protractor, and how we perform contract tests to external services as consumer and provider as well. What’s missing are the description of how we package our application in Docker images, and how we distribute and deploy them to our production servers.


Continuous Deployment with Gradle and Docker - Contract Tests

In part four of our series about our continuous deployment pipeline you’ll learn about how we perform contract tests to ensure our service stays compatible with other service producers and our consumers as well. Please read the introductury post to learn about the other articles and the overall context of our deployment pipeline. This article contains both an introduction to contract testing, and our individual implementation of contract testers. If you’re new to the contract testing concept, just read on.


Continuous Deployment with Gradle and Docker – Part 3

This is the third part in our series about our deployment of a JVM and AngularJS based application using Gradle as build tool and Docker as deployment vehicle. You’ll find the overview on all posts in the introductury post. As seen in the overview, our next step in the deployment pipeline performs so called e2e tests. The common Gradle project setup has already been described in part 2, so we can start with the Gradle script for the e2e test submodule.


Docker Meetup at Hypoport with "Why you'll love managing containers with Docker" & "Docker on AWS" on Jan, 19th

Docker Berlin is back! You can now follow us on Twitter too @DockerBerlin To init and containerize this new year properly we have two great speakers lined-up at Hypoport on Jan, 19th. Johannes Ziemke [Docker Inc.] and Sascha Möllering [ AG] Managing containers with Docker…and why you’ll love it – Johannes Ziemke What are the challenges of today’s infrastructures, why containers are the right building blocks and Docker the right tool to manage those.

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A Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Gradle and Docker

This series of posts will show you some aspects of our continuous deployment pipeline for one of our products. It is built, tested and deployed to our servers by using Gradle, while the application itself runs inside Docker containers. We want to show you how we use Gradle to implement a complete pipeline with minimal dependency on command line tools. We’ll also describe how to perform rollouts to production without the need for shell scripts or even remote shell access, by using the Docker remote API.