Leading by example - how we introduced InnerSource and coordinated adoption of InnerSource best practices inside of Europace.

In Adopting InnerSource we described how we were following what Vijay Gurbani (Vijay K. Gurbani, Anita Garvert, and James D. Herbsleb, “Managing a Corporate Open Source SoftwareAsset,” Communications of the ACM 53, no. 2 (2010) 155–159.) describes as an infrastructure based model of introducing InnerSource to a new organisation. What does that mean? In order to gather people interested in the topic we tried as best as we could to use the same principles and tooling that we were suggesting InnerSource projects should adopt.

Recently more and more people who have been watching this initiative from a farther distance have started asking how this was done. As a personal rule of thumb - for every question I receive more than twice I will write the answer down and make it available via a URL that can be accessed as publicly as possible. That’s the goal of this blog post series. (Though honestly, originally I thought it wouldn’t be more than a short post. Describing all the bigger and smaller patterns that we are using did take more than a handful of blog posts to write down…)

Those patterns, best practices and lessons learnt will be published here in the coming weeks. Have fun reading: