Hypoport invites you to an interesting GOTO Night with Julia Dellnitz & Stefan Zörner on behalf of GOTO Berlin.

The session will start at 7PM on July 2, 2015 at our headquarter Klosterstr. 71, 10179 Berlin. Please come by and give them a visit. Food and Drinks will complement the session.

Abstract Microgames are small decoupled learning entities about a specific topic such as software architecture. They help teams and companies to get up to speed in a specific field and can easily be integrated in their daily practices. Microgames implement the idea that the wetware of our brain develops best when we are alert, link our learning to our day-to-day work, learn with positive emotions and distribute small learning units over time.

Julia Dellnitz (Learnical) and Stefan Zörner (embarc) will provide a playful and interactive session with findings from neuroscience and practical examples from software architecture. Join us and be ready to play!


Julia Dellnitz creates playful and interactive learning formats. Her passion is to support experts in developing and implementing innovative (IT-) products and processes. She has managed large change and IT implementation initiatives over the last decade and has worked with over 4.500 people on learning and innovation topics – especially in international contexts.

Twitter: @learnical

Stefan Zörner from the Bayer AG via IBM and oose to embarc. He embodies twenty years of experience in IT and he still looks forward eagerly. He supports clients in solving architecture and implementation issues. In lively workshops he demonstrates practical design tools and spreads enthusiasm for real architecture work.

Twitter: @stefanzoerner