I still can’t believe that my wife and I make our idea come true. Thanks again Europace, Stefan, Thomas, Christian and all my teammates for your support.

More than a year ago, we loosely talked about working half a year somewhere outside Germany. First, it was just an idea. So no risk to ask our employers for their support. But wait, both kept the idea alive. Scream;) Great, the biggest roadblocks were put aside. Soon we targeted Silicon Valley. Good for her job, good for mine. The next roadblock was a VISA. Luckily, my wife is a Spark Advisor in Berlin and through it, she got the opportunity to become a visiting professor at Stanford University. Booya. All setup. Almost. Next, we had to deal with finding a home, a school, a kindergarten, a car, .. All in all, it took us a year and now we are here.

money, money, money

It takes time AND it takes money;) We keep almost all our expenses in Germany and have to finance the additional costs. One of those samples, where you can see how great a consumer loan can be. I have a stable income, why should I spend 5 years and more saving money before our idea can come true? By the way, I’m part of the unit that builds the Europace consumer loan platform, so I might be opinionated.