Our hiring process for developers for the Product@Europace team involves a coding task. The candidate can work on at home and submit to us. Our team then looks at the code in a code review setting. We then evaluate the results. Based on the code we gather insights and questions for the interview.

After doing a lot of code reviews and interviews I would like to let the code do some talking.

Here we go:

friendly codegrumpy code
I’d like to tell you something;Leave me alone;
This is how I solve this problem;You wouldn’t understand me;
I try to make it understandable;It’s all complicated;
This is my thesis;
Here is how you can test it;This is how I did it;
I am right because I am smart;
So I don’t need to prove it;
I will let you build me with one simple command;You need to do many complex steps to build me;
I hope you enjoy reading me;I don’t care what you think about me;
I try to make it understandable;I boast about the Karate tricks I used;
Go ahead and change me;Don’t change me;
You will hurt yourself;
I will tell you why I did it this way;I don’t need to explain myself;
I am humble;I am great and make no mistakes;
I don’t need to do everything myself;
Somebody else already invented that clock;I do everything;
I built a better clock than the clockbuilders from Switzerland;

Teach your code to be friendly and social. If code is friendly, social and humble it is much more easy to interact with. It can be changed faster, tested better and is more fun to work with.

Don’t let your code be grumpy, because it also says something about you.