Gemeinsam mit der Java Usergroup Berlin-Brandenburg präsentieren wir am 6. März den Vortrag von Chris Chedgey Restructuring: Improving the modularity of an existing code-base. Einlaß und Zeit für Networking startet ab 18:30 Uhr. Der Vortrag beginnt um 19:00 Uhr.

Vortrag When a code-base reaches a certain age, it starts to creak, grind, rot. It seems like everything uses everything. Developers do not understand the big picture and start duplicating or creating parallel worlds of design, making things even worse. Architects are uneasy and sleep badly. Managers notice how long it takes to get new features into the product, and to get the bugs out of incremental releases, and they make sure nobody sleeps well. Now is the time for the code-base to be restructured, or die a painful death.

This talk covers the most common structural problems, gives strategies for fixing them with minimal impact to the logical design, and shows how this reduces coupling and complexity, improves modularity, and can be used to establish an architecture that the whole team understands and that helps the developers as they edit the code. In other words, how to stop the rot, and keep it stopped.

The principles and strategies will be illustrated by examples.

Speaker Chris is a founder of Headway Software (Structure101). He has an MSc. in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin. He has 28 years of experience in commercial software development, notably on large military and aerospace projects in Canada, including 5 years on the International Space Station project. He has 2 lovely daughters in college and lives on the south coast of Ireland, with a big dog, 2 goats and a boa constrictor.

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Tipp Zusätzlich zu dem Vortrag wird noch eine Lizenz für Structure101 und eine Lizenz für Restructure101 verlöst. Wir drücken dir die Daumen:)

Meeting sponsored by Structure101 for Tangle free software