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Post Mortem zum KreditSmart Incident vom 20.02.2018

Post Mortem zum KreditSmart Incident vom 20.02.2018

Am Dienstag, dem 20. Februar 2018 kam es in der Zeit von 13 bis 17 Uhr zu einem mehrstündigen Ausfall von KreditSmart und dem Vorgangsmanagement. Wir möchten hier kurz schildern, wie es dazu kam und wie wir eine Lösung erarbeitet haben. Verlauf Bereits kurz vor 12 Uhr springt unser Monitoring an und meldet sämtliche Services im Umfeld von KreditSmart und dem Vorgangsmanagement als nicht erreichbar. Das ist nicht nur unüblich, sondern auch schwer vorstellbar.


Running Multiple Local Tomcats with Cargo and Gradle

We are currently using Cargo in combination with Gradle to implement consumer based tests for one of our projects. In order to do so, we created a Gradle script to deploy a service web app into a Tomcat container via Cargo and pass its URL to our consumer test suite. As long as we run the build script locally, everything works fine. But we noticed that it failed every once in a while when running on certain build agents in our TeamCity build pipeline.


Passing Functions to AngularJS Directives

I recently built a custom directive that needed to call a function in its parent scope and pass some interal variables back as arguments. To be more specific: an editable label – a simple text that turns into an input field when it’s clicked and turns back into plain text, when the focus leaves the input field. On top of that, I needed it to invoke a callback function, if – and only if – the value of the input field has actually been changed.


How to cause IE 8 to redraw pseudo elements on class change

Yesterday I spent the entire day trying to narrow down a nasty CSS bug that only surfaced in Internet Explorer 8. Everyones favourite browser didn’t redraw a pseudo element created via :before when its style got changed by adding or removing a class via JavaScript. It was a custom checkbox element with a JavaScript click handler that simply toggled a class on every click. Getting to the bottom of it Here is a jsFiddle with a trimmed down version of said checkbox.